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Taiga is the perfect platform to make washes on Zero concept, as we are fully equipped with Jeanologia technology for complete flow of Zero wash method:

  • Less Manual Scraping & Grinding
    • Less manual scrapping, instead we use Laser technology.
  • Less PP Spray
    • Less PP(Potassium Permanganate), instead we use PP light by Jeanologia.
  • Less Stone
    • Less Pumice stones, instead we use Enzymes.
  • Less Bleach
    • Less bleaching(Sodium Hypochlorite), instead we use Ozone Ecotechnology by Jeanologia.

Chemical Auto-Dispensing System thumb

We believe in the power of technology to get consistent results in washing, reduce chemical waste and adopt sustainable practices which help us doing our best to protect the environment by reducing our overall chemical footprint.

we've always been committed to sustainability and proud to be leading the way insustainable denim production by investing in chemical auto do sing system to increase productivity while reducing human handling and chemical consumption with fully automated recipe control system.


Effluent Treatment Plant thumb

Our dedication to sustainability guarantees that we produce our denim in an ethical and responsible manner that also preserves water quality. Taiga operates cutting-edge biological waste water treatment facility to demonstrate ethical production. We believe in being responsible stewards of the environment. For which, we’re taking steps to reduce our environmental footprint and be more mind ful of our production.

Transparency in Measuring Impact thumb

Taiga Apparel in partnership with the Jeanologia team uses for every order the “Environmental Impact Monitoring” (EIM) software to asses the impact of each style. Aminimum required score is required for all styles, anything out side of required guide lines needs to go back to the development teams to be re worked so as to ensure minimum impact on the planet.


Woven Bottoms Manufacturing thumb

  • High quality fabric inspection systems and equipment.
  • Auto cutters to ensure a high degree of accuracy in cutting
  • 10 highly efficient automated sewing lines.
  • Highly automated laundry all with low liquor ratio state of the art washing machines and chemical auto-dispensing system to ensure consistency and to reduce chemical consumption.
  • E-Flow systems, Ozone equipment to develop waterless & the one glass of water collections.
  • State of the art Jeanologia Lasers and highly trained designers bringing innovation and new looks to products. Currently around 50% of our production is made with Laser.
  • Big Mac water extractors, high quality 3D ovens, all combined allowing for cost effective production of high quality fashionable garments.

Automation in Cutting thumb

  • Overlock 5 TOL (Manual)
  • Fusing-Machines
  • Fabric Spreader
  • Auto Fabric Cutter
  • Manual Cutters
  • Fabric Relaxing Machine
  • Fabric Inspection Machine
  • Embroidery Machine
  • Plotter

Automation in Sewing thumb

  • Auto Hem Bottom
  • Auto Loop Attacher
  • Auto Mock Stitch
  • Auto Pocket Hemmer
  • Auto Pocket Setter
  • Auto Pocket Welt
  • Auto Panel Surging
  • Bartack
  • Chalk Button
  • Blind Stitch
  • Button Hole/Eyelet
  • Cover Stitch
  • Feedo
  • Loop Make
  • Overlock 5 TOL
  • Label Attach Auto
  • Saddle Stitch
  • SNLS(Auto)
  • SNLS(Manual)
  • Waist band Attacher
  • Thread Shaver
  • Steam Iron

Automation in Washing thumb

  • Chemical Auto-Dispensing System. The 1st in Pakistan
  • High Efficiency Auto -Loading Dryers
  • E-Flow
  • Jeanologia Eco-Ozone
  • Jeanologia Laser Machines (Flexi HS3D & Knits)

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