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Taiga understands the requirement for customers to maintain their competitive edge with every style. We know mainstream trend, we do our research, we accurately predict the end-users needs for each customer. This is evidenced in our work to date. Our team of technical and creative specialists provide a platform for customers to advance their product lines and maintain their reputation in delivering quality product to the market.


We didn’t get where we are today without being keenly competitive on price. Our understanding of the market and price points enables us to provide profitable solutions. One of the reasons why high street retailers choose us is that we consider and understand their business models and approach to selling product.


Our team of dedicated merchandisers have strong communication with each stakeholder in the manufacturing process, enabling us to support time intensive lead times to place products in the stores, when expected.

World Beaters – Our Global Presence

Our Group was born in Preston in the heart of the UK’s cotton industry, which is where you’ll find our modern, refurbished head office. But we’re very much a global venture, with an office in London’s Soho and facilities in Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh and and our new state of the art facility here in Pakistan. You’ll also find us in many other places around the world, chasing trends, meeting manufacturers and finding inspiration to keep our jeans ahead of the pack

Automation helps Taiga to become a regional leader in cost effectiveness



In Cutting

  • Overlock 5 TOL(Manual)
  • Auto Fabric Cutter
  • Fabric Relaxing Machine
  • Fabric Spreaders
  • Embroidery Machine
  • Fushing - Machine


In Sewing

  • Auto Hemmer
  • Auto Back Pocket Setter
  • Laser Machine for Pocket Jigs
  • Auto Waistband
  • Auto Loop Attachment
  • Auto Mock Stitch


In Washing

  • Chemical Auto-Dispensing System. The 1st in Pakistan
  • High Efficiency Auto -Loading Dryers
  • E-Flow
  • Jeanologia Eco-Ozone
  • Jeanologia Laser Machines (Flexi HS3D & Knits)


  • Solar Energy
  • RO Plant
  • 100% Biological Waste Effluent Treatment Plant

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