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Made to Measure

Our ability to create products that catch the eye, hit key trends and delight shoppers are the bedrocks of our business. Buttons, styling, washes or label detailing – we’re passionate about every detail. Whether we’re working with you on product developments or creating design concepts from scratch, we’re constantly innovating, using new technology, treatments and materials to give you exactly what you need.


Relationship Count Sourcing

We promise to give our clients ‘product, price and delivery’ and we believe the key to consistently doing this is building relationships with our suppliers. Our target is to constantly deliver on time and on budget.



Our clients need jeans and apparel that meet all sorts of specifications. Flexibility is the key to delivering them. We work from our facility in Lahore, Pakistan to create everything from everyday basics to high-end fashion. We also give our clients the peace of mind that all their products are produced in ethical and sustainable environments.


Fast Fashion Made Faster - Supply

To make sure you get what you ordered when you need it, we give all our clients a dedicated account manager. They’re always ready to give you their expert product knowledge and keep you updated on every stage of the design, ordering, production and delivery process.

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