A New Wave In Sustainable, Ethical & Compliant Manufacturing

Taiga Apparel focuses on quality denim products that have minimal affect on our environment, we focus on our people, on the community and on delivering high quality innovative denim garments for our clients. The company is one of the best in innovation of sustainability and brings over 30 years of denim manufacturing experience for our clients


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Taiga Apparel (Private) Limited is a new investment based in Lahore, Pakistan where the aim is to be one of the most sustainable premium denim manufacturing facilities in the world. It is the FIRST platinum LEED certified denim manufacturing facility in Pakistan.
Marketing is focused on what we are calling the “Triple Bottom Line” where our actions and decisions are guided by a TRIPLE pronged approach keeping the Planet, People and Profit equally balanced whilst being at the cutting edge of Innovation and drive fashion trends.

  • Planet

    target to have zero impact on the environment

  • People

    we aim to give back to the community and be a good corporate citizen

  • Profit & Innovation

    competitive and yet profitable so as to show that a sustainable operation is viable and to drive change in the industry. We are Creative, Innovative, Daring, not risk averse

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Taiga Apparel Philosophy


Have respect for People & Society


Operate sustainably to protect the Earth


Operate with LEAN principles across the Company


Attract & retain the best human capital & build multicultural values


Deliver effective returns on capital, yet maintaining a healthy Environmental P&L And ecological balance sheet

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Pure - Natural - Sustainable

The Taiga team challenges themselves daily to look at ways reduce the impact on the environment where our dream is to eventually become ZERO discharge and net positive thus helping to not only sustain the planet but to help it recover back to its natural state.

At Taiga we love to measure everything, water usage, recycling & discharge, energy usage & energy generation with the belief that if you can’t measure it then you cant manage it.

Taiga plans to complete and publish regularly an environmental Profit & Loss statement so that we can that its not all just talk…...

Solar Power Generation

Taiga has invested significant sums for the generation of solar power via the installation of solar panels. 45% of the total electricity requirement of the Factory is fulfilled by our Solar System

Laundry ZERO Washing

Taiga is the perfect platform to make washes on 5.Zero concept, as we are fully equipped with Jeanologia technology for complete flow of 5.Zero wash method are "Zero Discharge" "Zero Manual Scraping & Grinding" "Zero PP Spray" "Zero Stone" "Zero Bleach".

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Automation helps Taiga to become a regional leader in cost effectiveness



In Cutting

  • Overlock 5 TOL(Manual)
  • Auto Fabric Cutter
  • Fabric Relaxing Machine
  • Fabric Spreaders
  • Embroidery Machine
  • Fushing - Machine


In Sewing

  • Auto Hemmer
  • Auto Back Pocket Setter
  • Laser Machine for Pocket Jigs
  • Auto Waistband
  • Auto Loop Attachment
  • Auto Mock Stitch


In Washing

  • Chemical Auto-Dispensing System. The 1st in Pakistan
  • High Efficiency Auto -Loading Dryers
  • E-Flow
  • Jeanologia Eco-Ozone
  • Jeanologia Laser Machines (Flexi HS3D & Knits)


  • Solar Energy
  • RO Plant
  • 100% Biological Waste Effluent Treatment Plant

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Production Statistics Targets

25 Thousand

Units Per day

650 Thousand

Units Per Month

8 million

Units Per Year
  • Office Address

    22 KM Ferozpur Road, 4.5 km Off Rohi Drain,
    Lahore – 54000, Pakistan

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